The London Nobody Knows – A Return to the Streets
A complete remake and revisit to the not so glamourous sides of London made infamous by the 1967 documentary stroll around the city with James Mason, based on the book by Geoffrey Fletcher and originally directed by Norman Cohen.
This latest version re-traces the footsteps to examine the sights, sounds and smells as it is today, nearly four decades later.

No Comebacks
A proposed film based on a best selling Frederick Forsyth short story of that name that depicts in clinical detail a cold blooded contract killing in the style of Forsyth’s world famous bestselling novel and film, The Day of the Jackal. The No Comebacks screenplay by David Alexander weaves into the drama detailed investigative reporting by Forsyth on corruption in the U.S. Drugs Enforcement Agency.
The plot revolves around a corrupt DEA agent who is himself smuggling cocaine to swell the campaign funds of a candidate in the U.S. presidential election.

China Man (working title)
Is a fact-based, full-length feature film drama about the seizure and incarceration in solitary confinement as a hostage in China during the Cutlural Revolution of British foreign correspondent, now turned international betselling author, Anthony Grey. A screenplay by Roland Starke is completed. Anthony Hopkins had been cast in the title role.

Dick Barton – Special Agent!
A full length Screenplay and Treatment by Grey is already completed for a feature-length, 1940s period thriller with strong threads of satirical and affectionate send-up comedy which is based on the nation-gripping, nightly radio series Dick Barton – Special Agent! series which enchanted British listeners of all ages, adults and children alike in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The Naked Angels
The Naked Angels written by Anthony Grey based on his satirical comic novel of that same name, which is just being republished in a new 2010 edition. Purporting tongue-in-cheek, to narrate the secret and so far untold story of how the Cold War ended so suddenly and unexpectedly with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the film, the story is hilarious and salacious by turns but with a serious comedy-noir leitmotif about male sexuality and political power. Shades of Dr Stangelove, but funnier and much sexier.

Walking Underwater
Walking Underwater is a debut album that represents the culmination of musical influences over the past five years. The songs carry a dark, moody mystery and highlight a lyrical exploration into human emotion. Creative talents include the haunting guitars of Keefe Davidson West, engineering by Dave Pemberton (Prodigy), mixing by Danny Langsman (Shanks & Bigfoot) and vocals by Johnny Jay. Due for release early 2012 with three accompanying music videos produced by Norcon Productions. The music is available for film and television soundtrack.