Norcon Film Productions was established in 1963 by the late Norman Cohen. Having started his film career as a film editor, working on titles including The Blue Max (1966), he went on to direct acclaimed documentaries, theatre, television and feature films.

His longstanding partnership with producer Greg Smith (The Elstree Production Company), led to the development and production of numerous classic British movies of the 70s and 80s. One of the specialities of Norcon Film Productions was the adaptation of classic British comedy from television to cinema. Titles taken to the big screen included Dad’s Army (1971) and Till Death Do Us Part (1972). Following on from these was the popular Confessions of…. series with Robin Askwith.

To date, many titles from the Norcon back catalogue have stood the test of time and changing mediums and are now available on DVD. With the growth of cable and satellite television, the Norcon Films are often shown, again confirming the ongoing popularity of its productions.

In 2010, Norman Cohen’s son Jonathan, re-established the company fuelled by his passion for the industry. His film debut was at the tender age of one, when his late father cast him in the Look At Life series. As a child, when other children were being collected from school by their parents, Jonathan was picked up by a driver and taken to Pinewood, Shepperton or Elstree to be by his father’s side.

Jonathan’s early memories include Arthur Lowe showing him round the set and Spike Milligan helping him with his homework! Over the years he has worked as a runner, production assistant, location manager, actor and stunt performer.

Jonathan is excited by the re launch of Norcon Productions, not only as a platform for film production and development but as a dedication to his father.